100% grass-fed from start to finish

Our bison are free to roam and graze on the nutrient rich grasses native to the high plains of Wyoming.
Holistic and sustainable management practices – Healthy for the land, the bison and the ecosystem.
We believe that humanly raising and humanly harvesting bison is the only way to show these Monarch’s
the dignity and respect they deserve.

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Our tradition, Our passion.
Local. Healthy. Sustainable.

Prairie Monarch Bison is a second generation bison ranch. As stewards of this land and these
bison we feel a deep sense of responsibility to provide the best for them from the day they are
born to the day they provide us with the nutrients we need for healthy minds & bodies.
We are more than a ranch, we also own and manage the processing. This combination allows
us to take pride in connecting the land, bison and community in a way that promotes and sustains life.


Reducing the carbon hoof print

At Prairie Monarch Bison we believe that clean air and water is right for all.
We are doing our part to protect it. This is bigger than us, bigger than the bison.
We are preserving the Wyoming plains for future generations of bison,
humans, and wildlife that call this prairie home.

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Grass-fed bison is leaner than
grain-finished beef or bison with
more protein and less fat. It has a
balanced ratio of Omega-6 and
Omega-3 fatty acids, increased levels
of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
and is an excellent source of the
anti-oxidant, beta-carotene.
Prairie Monarch Bison meat is lower
in cholesterol and saturated fat.


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